Global EvalStory Video Campaign with Parliamentarians in Advocacy for Evaluation


EvalPartners aims to build and strengthen networks of relationships between existing and emerging VOPEs in order to create a powerful global community of evaluators and evaluation‐related organisations. The overall goal of the EvalPartners Initiative is to contribute to the enhancement of the capacities of CSOs/VOPEs to influence policy makers, other key stakeholders and public opinion so that public policies are evidence informed and to support equity in development processes and results. The main objective is to enhance the capacities of CSOs/VOPEs to engage strategically and meaningfully in national evaluation processes to be able to influence country‐led evaluation systems and to deepen knowledge and capacity of partners.

EvalPartners launched the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020 which was developed in a multi-stakeholder global consultation. EvalPartners also launched the Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation (GPFE) at the Parliament of Nepal. This is a result of the regional parliamentarians forums established since the South Asian Forum and many other related initiatives. The goal of the Global Parliamentarians Forum is to advance the enabling environment for nationally owned, transparent, systematic and standard evaluation processes in line with the principles of “No one left behind” and National Evaluation Policies with equity-focused and gender responsive lens at the country level that are aimed at contributing to good governance and sustainable development.


  1. To enhance evaluation technical capacity of parliamentarians and national parliaments to promote evaluation culture.
  2. To advocate more parliamentarians and national parliaments to create enabling environment for evaluation.
  3. To promote evaluation function for Sustainable Development Goals in the framework of “No one left behind”.
  4. To mobilize and advocate for international community including United Nations to strengthen evaluation capacity of national parliaments.

 It is important that parliamentarians take lead in promoting evaluation culture showcasing their commitment to sustainable development. GPFE is planning to launch a video campaign with parliamentarians around the world to advocate for evaluation in the context of Agenda 2030 (SDGs).

The GPFE have established a management team made of:

  • Jerome Gandin, Canada
  • Maria Alejandra Lucero, Argentina
  • Isha Miranda, Sri Lanka
  • Katerina Stolyarenko, Ukraine
  • Pablo Rodriguez-Bilella, Argentina
  • Esteban Tapella, Argentina
  • Ada Ocampo, UNICEF
  • Asela Kalugampititya, EvalPartners

The global campaign will be in but not limited to English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. It can be in other languages as well if more volunteer support is received.


  1. The campaign will be started in January and end in December 2016.
  2. Invitation to parliamentarians:

An invitation will be sent to parliamentarians signed by Kabir Hashim, leader of the GPFE requesting them to join the campaign. The invitation will be translated in to campaign languages. Videos can be prepared in any of those languages. If the video is in any other local language, captions in English will be added later.

The parliamentarians will answer three questions in addition to introduction to them, in their speech in the video.

  • Over the course of your mandate at the Parliament of your country, what has been your biggest lesson learnt, and what is your most memorable experience in which evaluation work has made a major contribution to national policy?
  • How evaluation can be strengthened to better influence the decision making processes for national public policies?
  • How do you see the future of evaluation in the next years? Which topics should gain most attention and why?

The campaign team will provide more back ground reading and literature on evaluation together with the invitation.

  1. Contacting parliamentarians:

The GPFE has a list of about 50 parliamentarians from different countries. With help of VOPEs, this will be further expanded. Parliamentarians will receive an invitation to join the campaign. From those countries there is no parliamentarian contacts, the VOPE will receive an invitation to contact a parliamentarian and get the video done. This will also help;

  • VOPEs to work with parliamentarians in the country
  • Mobilize parliamentarians from ore countries to join the GPFE
  • Mobilize more parliamentarians to promote evaluation